About Us


Making it easy to hire a dedicated Concrete5 developer in Portugal

Finding and retaining a dedicated Concrete5 programmer can be quite a challenge for some companies. Not for us though. We have a strict hiring process to properly screen our Concrete5 developers in Portugal. In addition to our theoretical tests, talents must show practical, and hands-on Concrete5 development experience.

Concrete5 is an open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Although it is not as popular as Wordpress, Concrete5 is used by small and large corporations, and maintained by an active community.

High demand for Concrete5 developers

The facts are clear. The demand for highly skilled talents in Concrete5 development is higher than the supply. It creates a tremendous shortage in the market. Our mission is simple: Hunt, hire, retain the best Concrete5 programmers in Portugal. This allows our clients to always remain ahead of the curve.

In the heart of Eastern Europe

Team Extension is located in Bucharest, Romania. As a start-up hub, Bucharest has many advantages, including high speed Fiber Optic internet connections (Romania was ranked fifth best in the world for internet connection speed by bloomberg.com), low operating costs and overheads; plus, a wealth of home grown technical talent. Given the rise to a required entrepreneurial culture of self-sufficiency and flexibility, which has spawned a strengthening business sector, a wealth of technical skills and resources who speak English.

Our Employees Matter

We at Team Extension SRL believe the success of our business heavily relies on the happiness of our employees regardless of what we are building, inventing, or selling. We place our full confidence in our technical talent and their growth within our organization; simply because we can’t move forward, and grow without our teams.

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